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"A.C.T.ís commitment to quality service and knowledge of our needs has rapidly accelerated the use of GIS at the City of Tustin."
-Jon Gossard, IT Director City of Tustin


Product Overview A.C.T.'s Assessor Edition

Simple management of vast information stores determine the effectiveness and lay the foundation for any local government. A.C.T.'s Assessor Edition Viewer presents an elegant tool for efficiently managing the plethora of geographic/ tabular data and scanned document needs critical for accurate and timely property appraisal and assessment. Based upon ESRI’s ArcGIS Server technology, A.C.T.'s Assessor Edition viewer incorporates its core product functionality via intra- and internet solutions to quickly and easily bring this wealth of information to any desktop. In addition to facilitating workflows for appraisal and assessment staff, A.C.T.'s assessor viewer empowers planners to streamline land use development and arms policy makers with the information they need to develop critical e-government initiatives.

Powerful and user-friendly query tools instantaneously integrate enterprise datasets and provide access to 3rd party document management systems. Simple searches based on address, owner name, or parcel id yield a wealth of information including such data sets as:

  1. Basic property details
  2. Contact information
  3. Zoning/land use designations
  4. Jurisdictional/Fee district listings
  5. Detailed property characteristics and valuation data
  6. Assessment roll values and detailed property tax reporting
  7. Utility billing
  8. Parcel history
  9. Access to scanned documentation such as Building Permits, Record Maps, Property Transfer Documents, etc

In addition, robust buffering, reporting, and map generation utilities bring property related information directly to the desktop to further enhance the efficiency of appraisal, assessment, planning staff and front counter personnel.

A.C.T..NET Assessor Edition, as with all of A.C.T..NET’s products, is installed and maintained with a flexible wizard-driven interface that minimizes administration overhead, while allowing quick start-up time. It also provides the same powerful navigation tools and drop-down menus available on all A.C.T..NET applications, to augment the powerful query and reporting tools. The net effect of these benefits is the ability of staff to do a more complete job of property assessment, in an efficient, productive and timely manner.

  1. Wizard based installation, updating and customization
  2. Reduced application development time
  3. Easy access to existing data sources
  4. Minimal system maintenance required
  5. Modular framework supporting integration with third-party applications
  6. Flexible customer support options
  7. No special training required
Key Features
  1. Leverages powerful web mapping API technologies
  2. User friendly administration interface
  3. Fully integrated with ESRI’s ArcGIS Server product
  4. Supports numerous relational database management systems and spatial data formats
Documentation, Training, and User Support

Because of the user-friendly form design, minimal training and support are required for users of A.C.T.'s Assessor Viewer; basic computer and web browser familiarity are usually sufficient. A comprehensive user manual is provided for owners of the application, which facilitates simple and advanced customizations/configurations. An extensive online help site is provided, and will answer most questions, or give examples of tasks. Telephone, remote, and e-mail support is available, free of charge. Additional support, and on-site training is provided for an additional charge.

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